We're a group of entrepreneurs, angel investors, designers, and techies who've faced the challenges of building a startup closely.

Building a tool we’d have loved to have when starting out

We struck upon the idea of creating Sketchnote as a tool to help first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs, plus their businesses. This is our small effort to give back to the community.

We're a small, distributed team with offices in India, Spain and Silicon Valley.

We "Sketchers" have worked hard through the pandemic to build our MVP. We're used to WFH, but we also love to get together as often as possible and share our thoughts, worries, and moments of joy. We laugh and have inside jokes, but we're around to provide emotional support when one of us is going through tough times.

Pouring our hearts into it

We've put our hearts and souls into ensuring great product design and content quality during this time. We hope Sketchnote will provide great value to our users. That'll be the cherry on top of the cake! But creating this platform has been such a joyful ride for all of us involved, that that journey itself has been worth it!

How our customers are using Sketchnote

"Sketchnote is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used to manage my tasks and documents (and I’ve used a LOT of them!) From the time I logged onto the platform, it was really easy for me to get started as the product doesn’t need any learning curve. We run sales on Sketchnote that includes the end-to-end process from prospecting a new customer to obtaining a go/ no-go decision. I personally love the Kanban boards feature as it lets us organize and manage all our prospects really well."
Ronak Massand
Co-founder, Adaptive
"Sketchnote has made team collaboration much easier—now all my team members are on the same page. It has also lowered our software cost compared to buying multiple productivity tools separately. I love that we don’t have to jump around different files or file types, and that makes the creative process much smoother."
Kashyap Purani
Co-founder and CEO, Aarogram

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