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Smarter docs and real-time collaboration with files

🗂 Track and manage your files and documents easily
📘 Create intelligent project wikis for the team
👥 See real-time collaboration in action on docs

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Get a bird eye's view of your work

🎬 Multiple real-time board views
📅 Plan and track your tasks with your team
🔄 Switch between views to suit your needs

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Get insights into tasks with actionable analytics

⏰ Track time estimates needed to achieve your goals
📊 Get insights into your team's progress
🔨 Identify blockages in the pipeline to quickly clear them out

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Get your team on the same page with streamlined training

🎓 A dedicated learning mode
📚 Fully-customizable LMS
🔬 100+ expert-designed startup lessons

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Data Security built for your business

High availability services backup through Amazon Web Services.

Flexible features, for the way you work

Our power users love Sketchnote

Bimlesh Gundurao


Yesterday, @santoshpanda and I had a demo of a solution that adds tremendous value to first-time founders.
@FreakShreek - you are onto something big!
Great product, Fantastic UX
Awaiting in eagerness to get access to early beta @FoundershipHQ

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Sai Krishna


Learning is a constant process. Finding good quality content with awesome RX is reeeally tough. Startup founders, just use @FreakShreek's platform. Thank me later!

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Indrajeet Deshpande


Had the opportunity to see what @FreakShreek is building. It's rare to see a product so comprehensive to be prefixed with omni. Well, this product is that comprehensive.

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Abishek Goda


Had a chance to peek at what @FreakShreek is building. Am frankly stumped at the number of interesting things he has brought together in this platform. I’ll definitely be an early adopter. Am sure everyone wanting to startup will want to take a look at this!

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Himanshu Jain


If you are an aspiring start-up or if you are in the early stages of building a business you need to check out what my homie @FreakShreek is building. His stealth mode product is a great resource for the founders and their team members to learn and build together. 🙌

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Santosh Panda


Wow! Fantastic product, fantastic UX & top-notch value for founders! @FreakShreek has a gem... coming soon.

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Saurabh Sawant


Just finished a walkthrough by @FreakShreek on what he is building and woah! out of this world man. I am so looking forward to using this platform, really polished, comprehensive and as it always is with Shreekant, just plain awesome.

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

Saurabh Kabra


If you haven't got a demo from @FreakShreek, are you even in startup-twitter-India space ?Ask your investors about what he is building.... hope they have got a demo.

Twitter - TechOS X Webflow Template

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How our customers are using Sketchnote

"Sketchnote is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used to manage my tasks and documents (and I’ve used a LOT of them!) From the time I logged onto the platform, it was really easy for me to get started as the product doesn’t need any learning curve. We run sales on Sketchnote that includes the end-to-end process from prospecting a new customer to obtaining a go/ no-go decision. I personally love the Kanban boards feature as it lets us organize and manage all our prospects really well."
Ronak Massand
Co-founder, Adaptive
"Sketchnote has made team collaboration much easier—now all my team members are on the same page. It has also lowered our software cost compared to buying multiple productivity tools separately. I love that we don’t have to jump around different files or file types, and that makes the creative process much smoother."
Kashyap Purani
Co-founder and CEO, Aarogram

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Files not intuitive enough
a ton of un-read threads
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