A virtual collaboration tool for all teams

Collaborate remotely with a whiteboard that does it all

Turn ideas into plans

Brainstorming made easy

Turn your team's collective ideas into a virtual jam party as you collaborate in real-time. Draw, doodle, link thoughts and take your plans to the execution stage quicker!

All the tools you need

The Sketchnote whiteboard comes equipped with everything a modern team needs for virtual collaboration—from sticky notes to shapes, freehand drawing tools and color pickers that make sense.

Create relations with ease

Join your ideas to create strategies and actionable mind maps with the link tool. Link thoughts and objects quickly to explain dependencies and workflows!

Go Agile!

Select a few sticky notes quickly and create a virtual Agile board to track your project status

Create a custom canvas

Add images to the whiteboard to truly customize your experience. Doodle and draw over it, create hierarchy charts, design a website wireframe... the world's your oyster!

Start with a template

Unsure where to begin? Choose from Sketchnote's whiteboard templates like mindmaps, virtual storyboards, business model canvas, SWOT analysis and a lot more!

Get started with time-saving templates

How our customers are using Sketchnote

"Sketchnote is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used to manage my tasks and documents (and I’ve used a LOT of them!) From the time I logged onto the platform, it was really easy for me to get started as the product doesn’t need any learning curve. We run sales on Sketchnote that includes the end-to-end process from prospecting a new customer to obtaining a go/ no-go decision. I personally love the Kanban boards feature as it lets us organize and manage all our prospects really well."
Ronak Massand
Co-founder, Adaptive
"Sketchnote has made team collaboration much easier—now all my team members are on the same page. It has also lowered our software cost compared to buying multiple productivity tools separately. I love that we don’t have to jump around different files or file types, and that makes the creative process much smoother."
Kashyap Purani
Co-founder and CEO, Aarogram

Say goodbye to a million tools

Files not intuitive enough
a ton of un-read threads
yet another app for brainstorming
hundreds of documents
tasks, tasks & more tasks!