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Meet the mentors

Our mentors are personas that are based on real life people who share similar traits. They are the first voices of all our modules

A busy coffee shop scene. Sketchnote mentors Alex Nielson, Martin Casares, Wiz Osbourne, Lucy Lee, Nancy Newman, and Frances Love are sitting around on one table. Some are working, some relaxing. All of them having coffee or other drinksAll the mentors are looking at the narrator, who isn't in the frame. Nancy asks them to take a seatNancy assures the narrator that they're not interrupting them while Alex cracks a dad joke. Martin chides him and says while the mentors are used to his jokes, the narrator isn't.The narrator says if the mentors work together, it must be a really cool startup. Wiz says they all mentor at Sketchnote. Frances explains Sketchnote empowers entrepreneurs to build and scale their startup. Lucy adds they help VCs, accelerators and students tooThe mentors relax while the narrator says that the information was amazing but asks them how they even became mentorsLucy gets mock offended and wonders if the narrator asks this because she and Wiz are so young. The narrator assures her that they're genuinely interested. Lucy tells how her parents immigrated from China and ran laundromats. Wiz adds Lucy ran her company straight out of college and at age 24 runs an e-commerce company called Lucy's Leaves.Frances says Lucy had to become a mentor with her spirit. Lucy says she blushes and says Wiz started young too. Wiz chuckles and says he likes to claim he's a musician first.Alex says Wiz plays guitars for Sketchnote's bands The Sketchers. Wiz adds that he runs Wiz Gadgets because of his love of electronics. He reveals that Martin was his first investor and the Da Vinci of startups. Martin recruited Wiz to be a mentor in exchange for funding.Everyone laughs hard and Wiz sheepishly reveals Martin is an angel investor too.Martin says he does what he can when he's not busy with his wife, kids and cats. He then asks if anyone wants to mentor a cat cafe team. The whole table looks around excitedlyAll the mentors scream out Nancy's name. She smiles and says she hears themNancy explains everyone shouted her name because her kids are fond of cats. Lucy adds that Nancy is also a great tutor for many startups and was also a media consultant who helped her. Nancy says Frances gave her a push into tutoring and met her when she was getting a content marketing degree after quitting the VC lifeFrances says she failed several times before that and the 'course put her on course'. She then became a mentor. Wiz laughs and asks Alex if he's thinking about the pun.He introduces the narrator to Alex and calls him the resident dad-joke expert. Alex says that's because he has to tell his son Alex Jr a joke a day.Martin says Alex was one of the earliest mentor and is a productivity hacker. Alex adds that he finds the most logical yet fastest solutions to problems and jokes that he told Martin to invite the narrator over. Martin says that's not trueLucy says that now the narrator knows all about the mentors, there's only one question left to be asked. All in unison ask the narrator (still off screen) what to they do.
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Frances Love, Nancy Newman and technical engineers smiling and fixing equipment.