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Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendars with your Sketchnote account to view events and meeting details on your dashboard


Connect your GitHub account to create and track issues from within Sketchnote. Populate your requests, commits and pushes as tasks in real-time


Share task updates in real-time to Slack channels directly from your Sketchnote files. Get notifications for status changes, column updates and any other task updates instantly


Get upcoming meeting details instantly inside Sketchnote. Set up new meetings with the Zoom integration, without having to exit the platform


Set up meetings and turn incoming requests into tasks instantly with the Calendly integration


Turn Hubspot forms into tasks on your Sketchnote board within seconds. Chart out leads and maintain databases easily on one platform


Automatically sync every new Trello entry into a task on your Sketchnote board. Coordinate with your team and outside collaborators seamlessly from within Sketchnote


Integrate your Asana tasks with Sketchnote boards quickly and have it populate every new incoming task. Manage your issues and tasks, all from the collaborative, auto-filled task board


Sync your JIRA tasks with Sketchnote and vice versa, with just one integration. Coordinate with all your teams, across the board


Using Monday? Integrate your Monday spaces and bring your tasks and issues to Sketchnote easily.


Sync your new notes with Sketchnote and turn them into tasks, complete with information inside the Boards


Sync your Notion account to create a task on Sketchnote every time a new entry is made. Turn your Notion pages into simple tasks that can be assigned across the board.


Create easy-to-follow tasks every time a new one's added to Basecamp. Add projects that matter to Sketchnote and sync all incoming tasks easily

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How our customers are using Sketchnote

"Sketchnote is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used to manage my tasks and documents (and I’ve used a LOT of them!) From the time I logged onto the platform, it was really easy for me to get started as the product doesn’t need any learning curve. We run sales on Sketchnote that includes the end-to-end process from prospecting a new customer to obtaining a go/ no-go decision. I personally love the Kanban boards feature as it lets us organize and manage all our prospects really well."
Ronak Massand
Co-founder, Adaptive
"Sketchnote has made team collaboration much easier—now all my team members are on the same page. It has also lowered our software cost compared to buying multiple productivity tools separately. I love that we don’t have to jump around different files or file types, and that makes the creative process much smoother."
Kashyap Purani
Co-founder and CEO, Aarogram

Say goodbye to a million tools

Files not intuitive enough
a ton of un-read threads
yet another app for brainstorming
hundreds of documents
tasks, tasks & more tasks!