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How Sketchnote works

Building a startup with your team has a new home. Learn how to use Sketchnote in 4 easy steps!

#1: Find a lesson to learn

Whether you 're an early stage startup maverick, or simply curious about the world of entrepreneurship, find modules to suit your need. Any Sketchnote lesson you may choose has up to 30 flashcards that support quick learning. But have you been absorbing all you learn? Pop quizzes in the lesson along the way will help put your knowledge to test. Go on, start your first lesson! asdfas

A Sketchnote learn flash card with text, illustrations and the continue buttonA Sketchnote quiz card with a question and four options. One option is selected and check answer option is visible
A flashcard with the bookmark option highlighted in boldA Sketchnote flash card with an illustration and text. A couple of lines in the text are highlighted with color options dropdown open.
A points screen after finishing a lesson visible.

💡 TipUnsure about what you want to learn next? Let our recommendation engine find something relevant for you to work on, from over 100 lessons across various stages!

#2: Use creations to achieve tasks

We believe in learning by doing, and hence each module comes with an expert-curated list of tasks. The reward for completing the entire set of tasks is a finished document relative to your lessons, tailored for you! Working on making a pitch deck? Get together with your team and use Sketchnote's markdown editor to create one, with our weapons! Let's get cracking.

A screen split into two halves. On the left is the Sketchnote weapons menu. An option is selected and dragged onto the second screen. A table appears on the second screenA forward slash option visible under a Sketchnote table and a drop down menu appearing around it
A man standing on a lesson and a sign that reads 'You are here' He's shown three routes, 'Financial' 'Sales and marketing''Strategy'A tree diagram with the first option reading hashtag strategy. There are three lessons branching out of it.
A man, confused with question marks floating above his head looking at three Sketchnote cards. A drop down menu with 'refer to lesson' is visibleA zoomed in option of tasks visible on the side of the screen. A green plus button indicating you can add these cards to your existing task
A legal Sketchnote document on a screen. The left side has options to fill, the right has a whole document

💡 TipThe creation world is your oyster with the Explore button. Find the right tools, references, and new modules right here.

#3: Collaborate with your team

Sketchnote's better when your team's with you! Share your thoughts using comments and let your colleagues know what you think. Stay on top of your task progress using Kanban boards and calendars, with everyone on the same page. Task tracking, now easy!

A few college kids looking at Sketchnote tasks that have been blown up to life size versions, hanging on the wall. Speech bubbles for the kids has @ mentions and commentsAn oversized Kanban board with smaller people around it, moving cards on it. A man is standing on a ladder and arranging a task card on the top of the second column.
An oversized flip style table calendar with tiny people around it. They're arranging tasks in various shapes around on the month page of the calendar. There's a clock on the wall. A couple of tasks have people's faces popping out of it.

💡 TipUse @ to mention your teammates and collaborate with them—all across Sketchnoteverse!

#4: Docs, ready to go

Ready to put your creations to use and build your startup? Export your documents and carry them anywhere!

A blurred out Sketchnote table with an add icon and a green plus sign. A docs menu on the right of the screen with icons of documents in it.A docs menu with icons of documents on it. One of them is highlighted and an export icon has PDF, JPG, PNG options coming out of it. They further branch into bubbleheads of people.

💡 TipWant to start a new creation or change details in your document? They're editable! Go on and make your iterations come to life.

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