Lessons for every stage of your business

Learning about the building blocks of startups has never been easier. With Sketchnote's expert-created Academy modules, master exactly what's needed to grow your startup from inception to scaling up and Series rounds

Knowledge made easy with Academy

Flashcard-style learning

Every lesson comes with byte-sized flashcards that allow you to read quickly and inculcate knowledge faster. Cards come with Sketchnote's unique illustrations of mentors that make learning a lot more fun

Pop quizzes for active learning

Are you really retaining what you're learning? Take these simple pop quizzes within the lessons to challenge yourself!

Listen mode

Not really a reader? No problem! Let our illustrated mentors read out lessons to you so you can retain them better


Use the bookmark feature on any and every lesson card, and access them on the dashboard later. Quickly refer to topics when you need to!

Highlight and comments

Came across an interesting anecdote or powerful thoughts? Highlight them so you can remember them for later. Leave comments on cards or mention your teammates to draw attention to important pointers


At the end of each lesson, find a quick summary of everything you've just learnt, and jog your memory muscles quickly, one more time

Lesson Templates

Each lesson comes along with a template where you can activate the knowledge from the topic. Work on them with or without having completed the lesson first

Collaborate at every step

From comments on lessons, to actively working on templates together—every step of the Sketchnote learning journey is designed to be a team process. Bring your colleagues on the same page as you, always!

Get started with time-saving templates

How our customers are using Sketchnote

"Sketchnote is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used to manage my tasks and documents (and I’ve used a LOT of them!) From the time I logged onto the platform, it was really easy for me to get started as the product doesn’t need any learning curve. We run sales on Sketchnote that includes the end-to-end process from prospecting a new customer to obtaining a go/ no-go decision. I personally love the Kanban boards feature as it lets us organize and manage all our prospects really well."
Ronak Massand
Co-founder, Adaptive
"Sketchnote has made team collaboration much easier—now all my team members are on the same page. It has also lowered our software cost compared to buying multiple productivity tools separately. I love that we don’t have to jump around different files or file types, and that makes the creative process much smoother."
Kashyap Purani
Co-founder and CEO, Aarogram

Say goodbye to a million tools

Files not intuitive enough
a ton of un-read threads
yet another app for brainstorming
hundreds of documents
tasks, tasks & more tasks!